Monday, June 25, 2012

The Purolater man cometh....

But not with my new pants.  Nope.

He was supposed to bring this:

No. 2 pencil skirt in double-serge cotton

instead, I got this:

Girls' take a bow tank

And the shirt was too baggy at my shoulders, which made look like:

George Clooney

It is going back.  I am trying to get ahold of my PS.  All in all, not a good day for clothing...


  1. Congrats on your new blog!! Looking forward to reading your reviews and musings :)

  2. Thanks Mack - it will certainly be a work in progress!

  3. Welcome to the gang! Oh no how annoying, I just made my first return to J Crew yesterday - £30 that's $48, I almost wept when I found out that's what they charge.

  4. I hear you! that is a lot of money to try on clothes, isn't it?

    I try to rationalize this in my mind by telling myself that there are some things in my closet that I have only worn once, so isn't it better to pay J Crew $20 for the honour of trying on their clothes! :-) I am off to Boston in a couple of weeks and i am hoping to try some things on there - the Valentina pumps are calling my name, but shoes are so risky!!!

    Thanks for the welcome - not sure what this will all turn out like - but it will be a welcome relief from my bureaucratic writings!

    1. I don't know how you are going to fit it all in, my hat is already doffed to you.
      Yes must buy Valentinas before the year's out but for me they are the same price as Louboutin or Manolos - crazy! So I will no doubt be begging Dani to be my shoe mule.

    2. Well we could be your shoe mule and you could be our Boden mule... I have the same issue when I want to buy Boden....

  5. That picture of George really cracks me up. Horrible baggy cotton knits do not make one happy do they.
    As you know I spend money to try on clothes as well, I just returned that neon necklace, among other things, and the cost was $31. Oh well it is less expensive than driving into Toronto (which can be terrible with the traffic).
    I think you will love having a blog, it's a real break for the mind and a great method to indulging your clothing interests. Yay! Yay! You've made my day!


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