Sunday, June 24, 2012

My Inner Drag Queen....

This is a post about something I am not particularly proud of...

At any point, I could easily slip over the edge. 

No, not to madness, but to an extreme garish version of myself, my own inner Ru-Paul.

I am driven to distraction by baubles and beads and sparkles and colour and flash and glitter.  I am constantly at risk of being the sartorial equivalent of a kindergarten art project. 

My latest acquisition, which has not yet arrived, are these beauties:

Café capri in pompon jacquard

You can buy them yourselves here.  I got mine on the 30% off sale last week.  They were still very expensive, but I had rationalized in my mind that $210 CDN was so much less expensive than $534 CDN that they were a bargain!!!

I am not really sure where I will wear them.  I will try and tone them down.  I hope they fit and I hope they don't - do you ever wish that, too?  And I will post the results when they arrive.  And they are not final sale, for which I am eternally grateful...

Mostly though, I will hope that I don't pair them with a sequin top and chandelier earrings...  And if I do, it can only be a matter of time before I am carted off to perform in Vegas with a head dress and a tiara.  And then I will be happy!!!!!


  1. Ha, I have two sides too, one very minimal and classic and the other one loves pink flamingoes, palm trees, fuchsia roses so I understand your lust for these, it's a stunning print.

  2. I know! I love your bathroom! Your love for Beverly Hills always resonates with me! I have always been afraid to go to Vegas for fear of simply going over the edge!

  3. Ha! So happy you have a blog! It's like a big present!
    I've been eyeing up the dress in this print and imagining it with those long mint and stone earrings, the cabochon or something, so I understand.


Kindness is a virtue...