Sunday, June 24, 2012

In the beginning..

Choosing a blog name is hard, since I want to touch on many topics - clothing, gardening, cooking, good books, life in general and anything else that captures my fancy.

In the end I chose a quote from one of my "comfort" authors, L.M. Montgomery, and one of the greatest characters in the history of literature, Anne Shirley.  In Anne of Avonlea, she said "One can't get over the habit of being a little girl all at once."  Since I feel like that all the time, despite being only a few months away from my 50th birthday, this seemed pretty appropos!

I am a born optomist and I still see the world through the eyes of wonder.  I hope I impart at least some of that enthusiasm in this blog and for anyone who decides to take the journey with me - thank you!


  1. That's a great quote, I wondered where the header came from, it reminds me of myself, I've just never quite managed to shake off my wide eyed wonder - you know when I'm not slumped naval gazing.

  2. well I am not positive I still love the title, but as they say "all the great ones are taken"!

  3. I also love the quote (it reminds me of myself, too) and think it's a great name for your blog, WMM! I'm looking forward to reading all that you have to share with us. :)


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