Saturday, May 16, 2015

Packing for variable weather and my hero!

Well, I am all packed.  Tickets for Monday's event are printed out.  I am ready to go!

I went very simple with this 4 day trip:

The weather promises to be warm, cool and then warm again.  We plan to do some walking, some sightseeing, some visiting and having one meal at a nice restaurant.

Blues and white, with stripes and florals are the order of the day!

My chambray Theory dress, the Stuart Weitzman slingos and my old Lacoste scarf are for the dinner out and perhaps for Mr. McCullough if the weather cooperates.

I'm bringing 4 t-shirts: one long-sleeved striped, two whites (crew and V-neck) and one navy crew.  I always bring two whites.  I am the queen of spilling...

A pair of dark wash jeans and navy skinny pants

My beloved navy featherweight cashmere cardigan from J Crew, entering its third spring/summer, and a new white Clare Cardigan from J Crew factory, as my old white cardi had seen better days!  They are lying on top of a Joe Fresh navy striped midi skirt.  You never know if the weather folks have aimed low and you find yourself sweltering in the city!

Dark wash jean jacket and floral scarf.  I don't need a fancy coat for this trip.

My el cheapo clutch and the Rebecca Minkoff purse in white:

My new "wash and wear" bag that I came across at Gap Factory yesterday and is perfect for this kind of trip:

Just love the two zippers and that this is washable!

Finally, some jewelry options in the same colour story (I am blatantly stealing from you here Dani), loose and then all wrapped up in my little chocolate velvet jewelry pouch!

My shoes are basic - white vans sneakers, old Cole Haan loafers, old Michael Kors sandals and the blue shoes above.  Travel is NOT the time to break in new shoes!

I may Instagram along the way, so check in now and then and you can bet there will be a big story next Thursday about all my shenanigans!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

xoxox wendy



  1. Hi Wendy, you and Dani have given us lots of eye candy over the last couple of days! I love your choices for your NYC trip - have a wonderful time, looking forward to hearing about the shenanigans!

    1. Oops - looking at the eye candy again, I see that it's Boston you are going to!

  2. Have a fab time. Hope the weather cooperates and the writer is charming.

  3. Wow Wendy, that is beautiful. You have put together a perfect travel wardrobe. (Of course, I am very partial to blue and white.) However, I thought I was the "Spill Queen". I didn't realize I had relinquished my title. Have a great trip!

  4. Perfect packing up it all looks gorgeous. Loving that selection of jewelry too how perfect. I hope you have SO MUCH fun!! Travel safe Dollface! xo

  5. It's all great! You'll be set for the Big City as well as some,uh, rusticating. Weather will be great except for possibly some rain on Tuesday. Lots of shoe choices always wise.

  6. Laughing about the shoe comment WMM. A break-in mistake well avoided. Your blue and white looks crisp, cool and classic. And that travel laundry bag is a fun one. Have fun tripping with B. to "author boyfriend" D.

  7. So exciting - I just love florals and stripes, clever way to pack. Bon Voyage my friend, have been following your posts on the fly, but have been useless about commenting lately - I'm turning over a new leaf...

  8. Wendy love your collection here. Some great ideas I am going to steal for an upcoming trip to NYC. Love that floral clutch and dark jean jacket, and the stripe tops. All classic, but pretty! Hope you have a blast!

  9. that is the perfect collection! it's perfect for everyday b/c i just love those whites and blues and some stripes and a little floral. you cannot go wrong. love that you will top it all off with a denim jacket. soooo cooool wendy!


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