Monday, October 27, 2014

This, That and Oh, Yeah - The Other Thing!

October flew by, didn't it?

I have been busy and neglecting you all terribly, so this is a post about a whole lot of disparate things!

There are colour stories that I dream about in my wardrobe.

I would so love to find a dress with these murky greens and russets all rolled together...

Or a pale lavender blue kissed by deeper plum shades.  Wouldn't a blouse like that be divine?

After much avoidance of prints in the last year, I purchased two things this fall that were a) cheap and b) colourful.

This blouse was $15 at Target.  It looks lovely with black pants....

And this boho jacket was also inexpensive and I pair it with long sleeve black tees and leggings and feel very Midnight At The Oasis....

And then there is the $15 Calvin Klein pink sequin skirt I scored on ebay that will come out to play come the holiday...

Besides dashes of pattern and colour, I have been reading all kinds of books these days:

I am halfway through Middlemarch and I am loving it!


I am finally getting through books of Christmas past - am I the only one who doesn't get through all their Christmas books - and the last few weeks have been treating myself to the Encyclopedia of the Exquisite By Jessica Kerwin Jenkins.  Any book that has essays on masquerades and trapezes is all right by me.  Just a delight!

I also picked up At Home with Madame Chic.

I know some people (and you know who you are, ho, ho!) didn't love her first book, but I love Jennifer L. Scott because I feel she brings the lovely into whatever she does.

One of the critiques is "doesn't everybody already know this stuff".  Trust me - they don't.  I love her ideas for approaching everyday life with peace and pleasure, not always an easy thing to do!  This would be a wonderful Christmas gift especially for a mother of young children and I will likely give one or two copies as gifts this holiday season.  For a longer review take a look at the Hostess' glowing review here.

I am also reading The Paris Architect, which is a gripping tale of a man's slow march towards heroism.

And every couple of days I read Naomi Klein's new book.  This is obviously a character flaw of mine, but I simply cannot read more at a time.  It is too depressing, at least early on, though I think it is critical reading for those who want to save the planet and are wondering what new economic models might help do that...

I have discovered new (to me!) makeup line at Target, Pixie, which, I believes makes the best and smoothest eyeliner pencils I have ever tried, even better than Urban Decay, which I thought was impossible to surpass!

The hallway is now painted and new carpeting put down on the stairs:

The green has indeed proven soothing....

When my handyman gets so inclined again, we will add crown molding here as well as the dining room.  This is likely a Spring 2015 project however...

Is anyone else thinking of holiday clothing?

I confess - as if I would have to confess here - to an over-exuberance of holiday spirit (doesn't that sound like Dorothea, GSL?) that I carry with me the other 11 months of the year.

I am insanely jealous of my American friends - I think that the American Thanksgiving is the perfect beginning of the season and would find me in frippery that much sooner!  Have I mentioned that having Thankgiving dinner with American friends is a bucket list item for me.  I anticipate an invite from George and crew any moment...

Anyway, despite my love of fancy party clothes, I don't actually need any really fancy fare, and apart from the sequin skirt, I think I will focus on sparkly tops (mostly from my wardrobe) and nice trousers.

In the 25% off sale last week at J Crew, I broke down and bought these to try:

I love the idea of alabaster velvet pants paired with heels and loafers and other winter whites or blues...

The perfect lounging look.  I'd put a little pixie dust on:

That's snow sparkle from Pixi!

And a brilliant red lip!

Velvet Matte Lip Pencil

Or dressed up with a lovely silky blouse or t-shirt or something sequinned...

Of course all outfits will be a moot point if it arrives and is ill-fitting, so one needs a back-up plan, which I have yet to find.

But there is lots of time.  I wonder what time George serves his Thanksgiving meal - lunch or later afternoon.

But never mind, it doesn't matter...

I promise to be more faithful this week!

Have a wonderful day!

xoxo wendy


  1. Hmm, did we read different Mme Chic books? I felt sorry for the French host family - their guest from California had to be taught to wash herself, to eat at a table with others, to wear clean clothes, to use a knife and fork... The family would have had an easier time entertaining Mowgli.

    1. Fred- I am sad to say that there would be many young girls from around here that would be equally difficult for Famille Chic!

    2. Have to say, you nailed this one Fred! Perhaps she over exaggerated her struggles? One can hope. That said, I still enjoyed her book.

  2. I read in someone's comments that you also have been sick. Hope that's over and you can get started on your Christmas planning pronto. I just haven't bought into the sweatpants as luxe pants I need pockets on my ass to help with the flat butt issue I am succumbing to. I do hope they work. I can not fathom reading more than one book at a time. Hats off to you.

    1. T - I have the attention span of a gnat! I always read three or four books at a time. I think that doesn't say good things about me!

      Oddly, my butt doesn't look flat in these pants (well maybe these ones will, won't see them for a couple of weeks!). The pants with no back pockets that zip are a disaster on me! Everything is racing south!

  3. I really enjoyed the Madame Chic books...but I love books about French fashion and culture. My taste in books is very eclectic.
    I found Donna Tartt's books very dark although her writing is exceptional but I agree that we all need a light book now and again...
    I am going to go to Target soon as you have found some fun things!
    I very much like that pink sequined top...

    1. I want to edit Donna Tartt - she could easily cut 1/4 to a 1/3 from the books without losing plot or brilliance!!! I know you love your French fashion and culture books, as do I, and I do like that these books are cropping up for a new generation!

      Oh the pink sequins is a skirt - I had it hanging funny on the hanger!

  4. Google just ate my post :-(

    I hate it when that happens.
    Brieflly: love the sequins and new hall paint colour.

  5. Wendy, you have indeed covered a lot of ground. First of all you are sounding very Dorothea but I suspect you are better acquainted with her at this point than I am although I'll catch up in the coming weeks.

    Love the top from Target...especially at that price!

    From the most recent pap ambush, George's bride appears to be looking for escape hatch well before even my most cynical your beau may beckon for a Thanksgiving date.

    Loving all the green in your home and with your lovely alabaster complexion it's such a natural base colour for your wardrobe.

    The Den is quite pleased to hear Urban Decay has been surpassed.

    1. Oh I have missed the George gossip! Alabaster complexion! I will take it. Makes me think of something Mr. Causabon would say to Dorothea, but he'd really be talking about a statue, heehee!

      Surpassed urban decay - love! And by Pixies!

  6. Hi Wendy, I, too, was sorry to hear that you have been sick. But here you are, back with a vengeance! I love the hallway and new carpeting. Did you paint the stairs, or were they already white? Everything looks very fresh and bright.

    I surprised myself by buying a pair of 'tartan trews' from Target the other week, I don't usually look there for clothes. I know they are probably not on trend (you got some last year or so, didn't you?) but they will be lovely with my navy Brora sweater.

    I love the posts you do with lots of different things, I usually find something new to like!

    1. I do love Target. Must take a picture of Indy in his dinosaur costume from target! I love plaid! And those trews are so cute! I must look for some! We did paint the stairs and I am glad we did as it is fresh.

  7. You are more than welcome to come to our house for Thanksgiving Dinner, Wendy! I know we are far from being Clooney caliber, but would love to have you anytime! :)

    Love the new paint and carpeting on the stairs. It does indeed look very soothing. Sorry to hear that you have been under the weather. Hope you feel better soon!

  8. Love this post. I am crazy about pattern and I love all the ones you've picked out esp the top one. I love reds and russets but I do not suit them so getting a lot of pleasure from seeing others who look great in them, like you.
    This also reminds me that I have to buy Middlemarch and I have to get cracking on getting some more books in.
    I've read a whole bunch of middling ones lately - even The Children's Act was interesting but did not have his usual Ian McEwen long lasting power. But loved Lena Dunham's new one, gosh she's clever and funny.

    1. I will have to add Lea to the list! I wondered about Ian - had heard mixed things! The target blouse is poly, but it feels identical to the hand as my 100% silk eileen fisher pants - husband couldn't tell the difference!

  9. So pretentious, so predictable. You white priviledged women and your shopping. remodelling, bragging...then preaching about simplicity and minimalism.

    1. Anon, I've been reading Wendy for quite a while and think you are way off base regarding bragging and preaching. It's just sharing with a notable bargain or 2 often brought to the attention of those of us in the lower income range which I appreciate.

    2. Anon, Wendy is many things - charming, funny, articulate, generous - but bragging and preaching are just not part of her personality. End of.

    3. Anon, I do feel privileged, but perhaps not for the reasons you think. I shared my renos because we do them so cheaply - this hall freshening cost $250 - nice to have something to share which almost anyone could afford. But you are right - I am white....

  10. Love all your colour---in clothing and home d├ęcor!

    1. Barb, you experienced the horror, so will be happy to show you the soothing shade!

  11. I think those lovely velvet pants will be perfect (with your skinny legs!) and your ruby sequin loafers. So festive and flattering!

  12. I do like that red Target top and the sparkly holiday skirt is very you! Have you finished all the painting now with the hall? I think the green looks really fresh and lovely. I'm about to launch myself into painting the bookcases. While I'm very excited to get my books out of boxes and onto shelves (and maybe read a few of them again), I have to say I'm not looking forward to the actual job. But as the painting would cost the same as a Chanel handbag (I am not exaggerating - our labor costs are insane here) I am going to do it. I did suggest to my husband that perhaps I could get a nice Chanel bag at the end with my 'savings' but he gave me a bit of a look and then started to laugh at me, so I guess that's a no….

    1. We want to repaint our library shelves - they are a navy blue now - very Ralph Lauren - but we are both itching to make them white and lighten Barry's space as well. That will be a horrendous job. Hmmm - what would I want if I painted them - well no Chanel bags forthcoming, but a ticket to Paris would be awfully nice!

  13. The hall looks great! So hard to paint in a hall, given space and light.

    We are going to the library today where I'll obtain Middlemarch a I can't find a copy here; could swear we had one. I've been reading Eliz Gilbert's new book about the 19th century woman botanist; read a geology book last week in the SW about that area-- fascinating stuff if you are a geology nerd like me.

    I would like some velvet slim pants, but that would involve shopping for them. I seem to be quite adverse to stores lately. A massive box of tulip bulbs should arrive this week so that's what I'll be doing.

    Love your new tops!!

    1. Lane - I loved The Signature of all Things! I cried at the end! I may have seen some velvet slim pants at Joe Fresh but not sure. They are difficult to find some years! I have a bag of tulips and hyacinths waiting to go in; was so wet here that I avoided the garden, but am putting them in over the next couple of days!

  14. The encyclopedia of exquisite and the Madame Chic books sound interesting.
    I love your entryway, you have again chosen beautiful colours.
    I am not really ready for Xmas as I am still working on my Autumn recipes... I need a bit more time ;-)
    Have a good time Wendy.

  15. I can't read more than one book at a time either! Must be my ADD or old age. Maybe a combo of the two. It's just starting to get cool enough for fall clothes here and I'm dreaming up outfits too. I love your pink sparkly skirt!! It's fab for you.
    Consider an open Thanksgiving Dinner invitation at my house is always available for you. I'll even take you up to Napa for the weekend:)


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