Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Wendy Public Service Announcement for Those Whose Legs are Restless!

I have restless leg syndrome!

And no, it is not related to my general ADHD tendencies and desire, from time to time, to hit the road:

Nope, these are achy legs and hips that would make me squirm all evening long and have me flopping like a fish back and forth all night.

Apparently, this is often a side-effect suffered by women, ahem, of a certain age.  As if everything going south and then settling around the equator wasn't bad enough...

But thanks to good old-fashioned home remedies, I am almost completely symptom-free and it is has made such a difference to me that I feel I need to pass this along in case anyone else is suffering from this as well.

The plan is three-fold:

  • I walk every day - usually from 30 minutes to an hour
  • An Epsom salt bath every night with at minimum of 1 cup of Epsom salts.  Drink plenty of water before you get in!
  • After bath massage legs with lotion cut with rosemary oil.

I don't know who old Julia Lawless is, but her rosemary oil has been a god-send:

Rosemary OrganicRosemaryPicture

Wait - here is Julia's story, courtesy of the website:

Today Julia is highly respected as an authority in the field of aromatic plants and oils, appearing on TV and radio as well as giving lectures and interviews. As Managing Director of Aqua Oleum, she is directly responsible for selecting top-quality essential oils and checking the quality of all products that are sold. She is also in charge of the formulation of all new products and acts as a general consultant to the industry. As a keen gardener, she has been developing a three-acre plot in Wales over recent years, exploring the potential of those aromatic plants which are resistant to climate change. She is also trained in Tibetan Buddhist yoga and has practiced meditation for many years.
She is well known for her many books on herbs and aromatherapy, which include: ‘The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Essential Oils’; ‘The Complete Illustrated Guide to Aromatherapy’ ; ‘The Fragrant Garden’; ‘Aromatherapy and the Mind’; ‘Aloe Vera’; ‘Tea tree Oil’; ‘Rosemary Oil; ‘Rose Oil; ‘Lavender Oil’; ‘Home Aromatherapy’; ‘The Home Use of Essential Oils’; ‘Illustrated Elements of Essential Oils’ and ‘Heaven Scent’. See BOOKS

I am not being paid by Julia, but I had read on-line that Rosemary oil massaged into legs and joints gives soothing relief and I can attest to it.

The bottle recommends putting some drops in almond oil, but since I am allergic to almond oil, I have used my own lotion with excellent results.

I find I can skip the odd night, but unless I do this regularly, it really returns rather quickly.  Now I look forward to a nightly 15 minute soak - I take in a book and just enjoy the whole experience.

The rosemary oil does smell like rosemary, and Barry tells me I smell remarkably like steak (we always cook our steak with rosemary) but never mind - I have found huge relief!

So yay Julia Lawless!

Thus endeth today's public service announcement!

Stay safe out there!

xoxo wendy


  1. Wendy, thanks so much for these tips! I do suffer a little from the achy leg thing when I go to bed, but thankfully it doesn't keep me from falling asleep. I think that an Epsom salt soak is a good idea too, must try that.

  2. I have achy legs when I walk 10K two days in a row! I will try your remedy as I love a soak in Epsom salts!

  3. I have bursitis, in both hips, that bothers me in the early morning. I am going to give this remedy a try for my affliction. Thanks

  4. Oh Lordy, not that too. Have just started the hot sweats which are a lot of fun! Also constantly grumpy which is probably a personality thing rather than a Pre whasists thing.
    That's a really cute photo of you at the top. Love it
    Kevin has that restless leg thing when he goes to bed at night. is that called the same thing? Thank goodness in our temperpaedic bed I do not feel it on the other side. It's wiggle jiggle with him all night.

    1. I don't have hot flashes too badly, but yes, more to look forward to! Get Kevin to try the rosemary oil - the restless legs actually ache which is why the person is tossing and turning. He might get a lot of relief!

  5. Restless Leg Syndrome sounds torturous! What a good remedy. I just started having Epsom salt baths again because every muscle in my body hurts from all of the packing up and moving. Those baths help with aches and pains so much, is it the magnesium? I take supplements of that as well to help with my migraine headaches.
    I haven't tried the rosemary but I will now, thanks Wendy, love that pic of you running away :)

    1. Since I contemplate running away once daily, it seemed apropos!

  6. As long as Barry doesn't start gnawing on your legs, i think you'll be fine! :) Glad you found something that works!!

  7. This is SO common and , yes, men can get it too. I think it's best to avoid the heavy duty meds for this, if possible, as you are doing. You can even take magnesium orally if needed, as a supplement ( helps sluggish intestines, too).

    I love anything rosemary!

    1. Thanks Lane! So far this is working, but will keep the magnesium in mind!

  8. Lordy, Lordy do I ever suffer from restless leg syndrome. Airline flights and long car rides are torture. I'd heard of using quinine pills but the Rosemary oil is new to me. I love using natural oils so I'll buy some tomorrow. My mother suffered with it and both of my brothers do too. It's HORRIBLE. Thank you for this public service announcement and keep them coming. We all need to stick together. xo

    1. Jennifer, let me know if it helps! And sometimes when I am really sore, I'll use the rosemary oil twice a day. But I do find that the combination of walking, Epsom salts and the oil are a wonderful combination for keeping it in check!

  9. Glad you found a good solution. I'm plagued by the occasional charlie horse which I think means I'm dehydrated. Should the legs become restless, I will certainly try this cure!


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