Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring Shopping

Having been ever-so-good, I decided to look for some new things while in NYC.

As I have said before, we really have very little in the way of shopping in my town, so I do take advantage of certain stores when I get to the U.S. 

We were somewhat daunted by the exchange rate of $1.27, but such is life...

I did not shop a lot; probably only two hours out of the total trip.  I hit the following stores:

  • J Crew
  • Uniqo
  • Joe Fresh
  • & Other Stories
  • Saks 5th Avenue
My first stop was J Crew, where I wandered around, completely uninspired.  I found things too boxy, poor material.  I did like a pair of sandals, but frankly I don't need any sandals this year and I can certainly wait until June to buy them!

I left the store with these purchases, a skirt and two tshirts:

Punched-out eyelet skirtLinen V-neck pocket tee

I returned them the next day.  Did I really want to spend $27 US on a Tshirt?  No.  Did I love the skirt?  No. 

So that was a bit of a bust....

However, the tote bag I adored is now on sale, so that is probably going to be ordered because it will work so well with the purchases below!

Off to Uniqo (please note this was not the same day!), where I tried on the Ines collection (well lots of it).  My thoughts?  Poor construction that will only suit the super skinny.  But very nice designs!

So that was a bit of a bust...

Then to the Joe Fresh flagship store, which in my opinion presents its merchandise in a manner that makes it much easier to find things.  It also seemed to have a coherent approach to their Spring collection.  But since I can actually order the items more cheaply in Canada, I bought nothing, but had my eye on the following:

Actually, bought this for $20 at my local grocery store yesterday.  Looks smashing with jeans!

Be afraid J Crew, Joe Fresh is creeping up on you...

We headed to SoHo and I picked up a skirt and a top at & Other Stories.  I really liked this store a lot.  I cannot remember which one of you recommended it, but thanks!  I also loved the Vince store, which was two doors down!

& Other Stories | Blossom Skirt
I am so short - this came to my knees!  And has pockets, which I love!

I also purchased this simple creamy v-neck shell with some nice detailing on the shoulders.

While in line, I stood beside a striking woman.  I was in a bit of a rush and was still thinking of the sales person - a tall man with dreds who was so lovely - so I hardly looked at her.  As she was checking out, the salesgirl said "it's such an honour to have you in our store!".  Yes, I had been rubbing elbows with Stacy London (literally!).  and what I know for sure?  Her hair is fantastic.  Seriously fantastic.  She was wearing a tuque.  How Canadian of her!

yup - she looked that good.  Though I never looked her straight in the face.

Well enough of heartbreaking celebrity encounters (is it wrong we followed her out the door and were disappointed she lost us?  I mean, we are nice people, and all...). let's go to Saks 5th Avenue.

I had time to kill before meeting a friend and his wife at the Waldorf-Astoria.  So I settled Barry in a chair and wandered around.

When you are not a size 4, sales people tell you they have more sizes available.  That is so kind of them.

I went to the Theory section, because I adore Theory.  My list for 2015 was a comfortable and chic summer dress and a an ivory cardigan to match the Theory ivory shell I bought on sale last year.  I snagged both!

This actually comes to my knees!

And this cardigan:

Simple things, but very nice additions to my spring and summer wardrobe!  I plan to start wearing them both soon! 

So I am pleased with my purchases and what I am discovering more and more is that simply buying a few things that will fit in with what I already own is a good thing.  Thoughtful additions.

Now, I am dreaming of pulling it all out, like Dani did - but am holding off till April! 

xoxo wendy



  1. I love that the dress and skirt came to your knees! I would have to pass if they were too short. Why I am not sure but too short on me doesn't cut it these days.

    1. I am sure they wouldn't reach yours - you have that amazing height and nice long legs!

  2. You did great! I love the look, simplicity of Theory but have never tried a single garment. Like you, we are a bit limited in the shopping department. Plus my patience wears very thin in the fitting room. Fortunately, our sales people ooze southern hospitality and have a genuine warmth...well most anyway. I want a simple stacked heel sandal, no more than 2", in a nude/ beige/spam color to match my skin...I am struggling.

    1. My patience also wears really thin in the fitting room! I love Theory and have a few pieces, although I am veering into the Theory casual, versus the suits I used to buy! Spam coloured skin! I think mine is the same colour! I was treated very well @ Saks and & Other Stories. Kind of disappointed in J Crew from that perspective.

    2. Blue Booby, maybe try Nine West, Stuart Weitzman for nude sandals? Both often do a pink-undertoned nude as well as the more caramel ones. I also need the spamalot factor given the "tanned" ones just look awful on my already stubbed pins.

    3. GF, Stuart has a lovely pair but it comes in black or bone. His aniline(?) color is perfect but I want lower heel, not patent leather. Oh, the got "spam" from Tabitha...perfect description of skin tone.

  3. Looks like successful shopping in NY. I adore So Ho and seeing Ms. London would do me in. Glad you got to the theater. I'm itching to go back-but won't be able to for quite some time. I am a theater junkie - especially musicals. My latest obsession is The Last Five Years (Movie) with Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan. A very limited release small movie, but available online or on demand. Beautiful people, beautiful music, voices and lots of NY exteriors. He's quite talented and has a voice that doesn't quit and she's fantastic.
    Enjoy the lovely new goodies for your closet-well done.

    1. We saw The Last Five Years performed here a couple of years back by two very talented young people, Tony LePage and Natalie Roy, who are working actors in NYC (Tony just closed with Rock of Ages) - it was magical! I can't wait to see that movie!

  4. I have never been to Other Stories. I will have a look the next time I go to Soho. Very smart to return the JCrew items directly if they were not right. When I go to Saks I always ride the escalators to the top floor to visit their entire floor of women's shoes at which I lovingly gaze! It is my favorite store to visit at Christmas as the first floor is always decorated to look like a snow white winter wonderland. It is very elegant although after these last couple of winters it might start to lose some of its appeal! Your selections look very lovely and I think you selected pieces that will work really well for you. Enjoy them!

    1. I never even made it to shoes - ran out of time! I did think the service was excellent however!

  5. Love your purchases! I agree that Joe Fresh is looking a lot like J. Crew. I am still enjoying the patent leather shoes I got there a few years ago...

    1. Hi Rose - I think Joe is looking more like J Crew and am seeing them add a whole lot more silk and cotton this year! My husband got a Joe Fresh cashmere sweater that was better quality than J Crew IMO.

  6. Wendy what fun you had. I think you got some great things and I always love Theory, so well made and lovely. I agree J Crew hasn't been so super lately and especially the fit. Too bad about the Uniqlo stuff too. Well you certainly got around to a lot of stores. I do like to do the same on trips.. I hope we get Joe Fresh here one day soon. x Kim

    1. Hi Kim, I am finding it increasingly difficult to shop the older I get, not that I am old, but there seems to be ever less for that period of time between Forever 21 and Talbots! Am deciding more and more to keep the colour on lips and toes and accessories and buy a whole lot less!

  7. WMM Be careful about the JC tote. In theory it looks great, especially with a gold monogram (just sayin.) But in practice, if you want to snap it (to make it hang more compactly/ or when less full) the snaps and leather are too small/ stiff to work correctly. Also, you might find the straps too thin and I would be a bit worried about leather shed from the unfinished underside as well. Not trying to dampen your enthusiasm at all -- is a great colour and overall shape. But good to consider the details, especially since bags come in larger boxes that are pricey to return for us. Delighted you were able to find an ideal Theory cardi match! And laughing about the "longer" hemlines, ditto here.

    As for "The London," I would've swooned at the till or been in hot pursuit down the sidewalk. Thank you for sharing all your NYC minutes with us.

    1. That's so funny, as I was looking at it again this a.m. and decided to pass! What I really could use is a Jackie cardi and since I have a gift card, it would take care of that! You would have loved her hair!

    2. Didn't mean to be a joykill, but you know me and bags. I still find Jackie cardis very useful for summer, although button/ fabric quality not quite what once was, I carry one in almost every bag to throw on in air conditioning, when temps drop etc. And they are not "precious" (like Theory or Brora etc.) so if done by end of season I am not horribly sad. Have you checked the Claire factory version as well? Some people seem to like that cotton-spandex mix (I think it is the finishing process that is slightly different) bit better.

      As for Stacy, let's face it I want my celeb BFF's hair, measurable part of the girl crush. IRL not just Pantene commercial, you're killing me.

    3. So funny - I actually just "visited" my spring summer clothes. No need for a cardigan! Phew! Who knows what I will buy now! I have Claires and Jackies and find Claires are better quality, though the colour choice is more limited!

  8. Great picks! I am so out of it I thought &Other Stores was a typo! I would like a dress like that, but, like Mary, nothing is long enough for me at this point. I just don't want things inches above the knee. I measured the back neck length of a dress and now can call and ask for that number.

    I didn't know Stacy is Canadian; she must be the more blunt end of the spectrum. Love that hair.

    1. Oh no - she isn't Canadian - tuques are the Canadians! We have just the opposite problem, though I have long legs for a short person and a shorter torso and am busty with no hips, so those waist nippers have always looked wretched on me! I liked this dress as you could dress it up or down!

  9. Our snow is melting and I think I rushed spring along by putting away my winter clothes hehe. Try it... though there's a much bigger melt that needs to happen in NB.
    I haven't looked at Joe Fresh in ages, I stopped shopping at Loblaws because of the grocery prices but of course the JF online store is good, shipping free, all CAN$, I'm going to have a look. G has a birthday coming up and I'd like to get her something to wear and the exchange is so brutal...
    Love your picks! Aaargh JCrew, what a pain that you had to go back to make a return? That Theory dress is so beautiful, perfect for summer and looks very well cut, nice lines, pretty fabric.
    I wish you'd come visit this summer, I can just see you wearing that dress in my garden...!

  10. Nice job on the shopping spree. I love the pink shell.


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