Monday, March 16, 2015

But the closet (and office!) I really want belongs to Drew's Husband

While I am not immune to celebrity gossip, I mostly don't get too caught up in it. 

But now and then, I find myself rooting for one of them, and that is certainly the case when it comes to Drew Barrymore.

And I am especially rooting for her latest marriage to art advisor Will Kopelman. 

I've never heard him utter more than two words (which I think I heard him utter when Oprah interviewed Drew a couple of years back), but he seemed nice and I am determined that Drew should have her happy ending.

While travelling a couple of weeks ago, I picked up the latest issue of Architectural Digest and there was Will.

Will Kopelman

As an editorial aside, I almost never see anything in AD, much as I might admire it, that I would ever want in a house of my own.  Does that make me a Luddite?  Perhaps. 

I am more of a put the kettle on kind of decorator (to borrow from Lisa Borgnes Giramonti's wonderful Novel Interiors) who espouses a more-is-more kind of approach, a combination of British/French/Canadian/Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey.  I am after all, a woman with two giraffes in her living room.  I really must do a post about that...



But then I saw the officer/dressing room that Will Kopelman designed for himself and said to myself: Damn!  That Will Kopelman is talented!!!  He should redo my office and closet!

 I suspect he may be too busy to do that, but I am the Queen of Magical Thinking, so who knows?

To whet your appetite:

The Singer Sargent reproduction on the wall is a magnetic bulletin board!
How genius is that!!!  I am so stealing that idea some day soon...

Sitting Area
I can so see myself curled up in one of those chairs reading Drew's upcoming memoir....


Here's a pop quiz: What do Barry and Will Kopelman have in common?  Well, besides the beards they sport, it's the Putnam Rolling Ladder Company

Barry has been obsessed with getting a ladder from the Putnam Rolling Ladder Company since the late 1980s.  We have even visited their little squirrely rabbit warren of an office/warehouse in Manhattan.  And damned if Will Kopelman doesn't have two of them in his office/dressing room.  You can imagine how Barry's eyes popped out at that! 

Hmm - I may have to start a rolling library ladder savings account...

Dressing Room
I mean seriously....

Dressing Room
This is a meticulous man

Love the cameos in the distance....

There's a soaker tub for you!

This almost feels like an old elevator to me...

That's a sound-proof door!
Do you think Will sings loudly in the shower and that's why he did that?

Yes, Will could gladly take on my office/closet redo.  There are two things standing in the way of this happening: his interest and my wallet.

Well a gal can dream can she not?  After seeing Will's vision brought to life, I like him even more.  Take care of our Drew, Will!

What do you think?

xoxo wendy



  1. Thoughts: That door looks like it belongs in a padded cell lol! The shower looks like a bird cage to me. And I love that he's hanging his jeans on pegs, I may have to steal that idea, I LOVE it. I suppose it's not great for the belt loops, but oh well. You could see exactly which pair it is without unfolding, wouldn't that be nice? I am less enamored by the rolling ladders, they look like they'd be in the way, especially that one in the clothes closet. He's a nice looking man, with a cool looking house!

    1. Cate - I assume since this area is off the Master bedroom that he wanted to sound proof it if he was having business calls or whatever, which actually is kind of brilliant! I loved the jeans on pegs thing as well! I love a rolling ladder, too, so I wouldn't mind at all if it was in the way!

  2. Holy Schmokes! He is very handsome and seems to have exquisite taste. I'm with cate on the padded cell door though, not a fan of that so much, a bit creepy?
    Barry must have his rolling ladder one day! I'd love to design a dressing room like this for MrBP, it's so difficult to keep him organized, he's so messy, perhaps the opposite of Will Kopelman?
    The bathroom is gorgeous.
    Thanks for sharing this with us, I never buy AD anymore, I wouldn't have seen this otherwise. xx

    1. See my response to Cate! Since this is home office, and its off the master bedroom, I kind of liked that it was sound proof, especially knowing how much clatter Barry can make at night!

  3. I couldn't house a rolling ladder, but I do have a rolling stepstool in my closet, where it's not only v. useful but gets in nobody's way, and another (different color) in my kitchen, where it lives under the "desk" when not in use. Not a major investment at all.

    And what does tall handsome Barry need a ladder for anyway?

  4. Wowsers is this a gorgeous space or what?? He really is a talented guy. I also like the magnetic Sargent. Super cool. I'd die for that bathroom. I hope he's a sweet as he looks because Drew is and deserves a good guy. She seems pretty happy. Thanks for sharing this. I don't usually grab AD, but this is beautiful. Hope you get your rolling ladder!! Have a good week Wendy! xo

  5. Amazing. That closet, minus the stuffed animal head, is fab!! I don't read AD because it usually makes me want to just light a torch to my own house. This is great eye candy. Not back to my plebeian closet to keep decluttering.

    1. JC, I'm laughing at your comment about torching your house after reading AD, that is a good description of how these mags make me feel lol.

    2. If you torch the house, what the hell will I be doing - burning down my block! :-)

  6. I am wondering where he fits Drew into this design. She strikes me as messy and careless and wonderfully relaxed in her spaces. Love to see if he designed her space!!I would love to have the office even if I didn't do anything in there but try to think of things to put on the "board"!!

    1. Well she did mention her styles was changing, so who knows! They are smart to keep it separate! I am obsessed with that board!

  7. Oh those rolling ladders! My best friend had one installed in her kitchen, it is just so great.

  8. I'm with Barry on the ladders, but I don't have a nice long wall of books like that. I love libraries-- best part of a house after the kitchen.

  9. Oh my, that office is sublime. But, I would never be able to keep those shiny white floors clean. I find that books are dust magnets. I am intrigued by that magnetic board.

  10. -- bright white office floors same as KnitYarns, based on my white bathroom experience
    -- yes to magnetized Sargent, rolling ladder and groupings of small wall art. Ditto padded door for bath/closet to stop disrupting person not rising at same time
    Seems Drew may have found her happinessyin-yang, yay. Although equally curious what free spirited, messier parts of house look like. What a contrast to former hubs like Tom Green!

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