Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday Mash-up

Where has the month gone?

It's been lived in front of my computer, that's for sure!  I am now working on draft 3 of my new novel.  I am sure I need at least three more drafts until it is worth sending to my agent for feedback.

I am reminded again and again that writing is hard work.  Maybe not for Stephen King, but for the rest of us mortals - yes!

No complaints here, but it is nice to share one's challenges!

We are currently experiencing our second blizzard of the week.

Even Mr. Squirrel has been forced to make a tunnel from his home-under-the-deck, which heretofore shall be renamed Squirrel Manor, since everyone deserves to have a nice name for their house and Toad Hall was taken...

Here he is waiting for the goldfinches and redpolls to return and rain sunflower chips down
at his little head.  Sort of like I always imagined would happen at Willie Wonka's...

Is this his front or back door?  Only the Jolly Postman knows for certain!

The snow is getting quite bothersome, so Barry is off to snowblow one last time (for today!)

In the dead of winter, we all benefit from colour.  I am not shopping at all these days, out of post-Christmas fatigue and realizing that what I really need is a new dress, but since I don't have a place to wear said new dress right now, it can wait.

Instead of buying things I don't need, I am buying only useful things.

Pink Tulips fit into this category as they fall within the Health category of the family budget and are a well spent $7 at the grocery store:

 Seeing the snowscape through the undulating stems of a tulip reminds me that all things can be endured so long as we can see the beauty.

And I have been reading and watching movies.  Things I have loved this past month:

The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black.

Front Cover

I am writing a Young Adult Fantasy.  At various times of every single day I have questioned my common sense in doing so, since it involves world building of a higher order than a contemporary book.  But then I read Holly Black's new book and I was reminded that when done well, they can be amazing!

Last night we watched the small indie movie In a World, written and directed by Lake Bell.

In a World... (2013) Poster

I laughed out loud so many times during this movie.  Take a look at the trailer:

Oh and I finally read Cheryl Strayed's Wild this month.

Sure it was inspirational, but frankly for someone like myself who suffers from bad feet, it was a cautionary tale of why one needs to vacation in places with cafes and public transportation.  I expect Jody to slap me upside the head for that one!

Tonight we are off to a good friend's 60th birthday party.  I am all for birthday parties.  And turning 60.  And 70. And 80.  And so on and so on.  The older I get the more I realize I have about three lifetimes worth of stuff to get done.  This may be a Capricorn fault, I am not sure.

So tomorrow we go into the love month, which, when it ends, finds me in New York City.  Yee haw!

xoxo wendy


  1. Beautiful tulip pictures! It's the snow that really sets them off. Health category of the family budget---I like that and I'm going to get some!

    1. Mine are just falling apart, so I need to do so - stat!

  2. As I get older I feel the same! Do much I would love to do!! I really like lake bell and can't wait to watch it. Keep up the great work Wendy

  3. I love it all! The squirrel is adorable. The tulips beautiful. I am reading Wild and hope to finish in a few days...busy,busy,busy. I shall have to try the Lake Bell Movie. Watched This is Where I Leave You on the plane and thoroughly enjoyed it. Also watched a teen movie If I Stay. Bald not once but three times on the plane. And I was in the aisle seat. A bit embarrassing. Have a lovely week. Can't wait for the book.

    1. I haven't seen this is where I leave you yet. I read if I stay and it was a good book, as was the sequel. I haven't seen the movie but will try and find it!

    2. WMM both This Is and If I are currently up on Rogers FYI.

  4. Love those pink tulips against the snowy backdrop!
    Looks like it's a good time to be staying in, keeping warm and writing on the computer...hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Hostess! Just heard we are getting more snow tomorrow - ack!

  5. Wendy - you are awesome, so far ahead and away in your writing and getting published.
    Love Lake Bell - loved that movie, despite that she is tall, skinny and beautiful she is so adorable and relatable.

    1. I loved her too! But her beauty was relatable in that movie I thought and her character so adorable that you just loved her! Thanks for the kind words! I am writing, still working on that pesky publishing thing,,,

    2. She was the sinuous New Wife in "It's Complicated", smokin' hot.

  6. We've been getting lots of snow. As I skiier I love it but nice to have flowers at the ready too. Well done on the writing front! If you like Strayed, read Dear Sugar, which shows her writing chops without all the hiking. I adore her work.

  7. What a cheerful post Wendy. Sounds like your month was so productive! I want to read your fantasy novel, I did a course on the genre in Uni which led to reading Tolkien, huge huge fan.
    Flowers are key in winter, even a few make such a difference. The Bobster sent some to Little Rascal this week, they look so pretty in her room.
    I've been reading loads of books about Happy Valley, the murder of Lord Erroll etc, very interesting and I don't typically read non-fiction so a bit of a distracting change. xo

  8. Hello Wendy,
    We are totally certain that you accomplish more in a day than the rest of us would in a week or, in our case specifically, a month. Your head seems to be constantly buzzing with ideas and you have so many varied aspects to your life that living with you must certainly never be dull. Perfect!

    How interesting that you are writing young adult fiction. From our time as teachers we came to appreciate the complexities of this genre and we wish you well in the process of being published. Without a doubt, writing is hard work.....the seemingly endless blank pages just waiting to be filled....but, such satisfaction in its completion.

    We have heard neither of the book nor the film you mention.....we know, where have we been....answer,nowhere just hibernating......and so shall now do our research!

  9. Happy Sunday and such a happy post to start my day with. That squirrel is sooo cute! No snow here in SF but warm, balmy days. So why has my whole January passed while sitting at my computer. No excuse. You have a good one! BTW, after many dismal failures, I have it on very good advice that tulips should only sit in 1-2 inches of water or they drown! Also 1/2 jigger of Vodka must go in the water. The other 1/2 jigger is for you!

  10. SNOW BUSY Totally getting on board with Jennifer's floral maintenance plan! Other than that more snow here today as well -- forecast for 30 cm north of city. Winter is us. That squirrel is just too cute. Stay warm and keep writing... As commented under Blue Booby, both of those films currently in Rogers on Demand rota. Off to make the weekly soup -- and pick up some supermarket florals.

  11. Oh we hear ya out in our own neck of the woods. Felt so bad for the little birds fighting their way to the feeder in the high winds earlier this week and after ten minutes outside today I know they must be struggling again. Went out without my scarf for the first time today and will never do that until I am sure it is spring. All the best in the Hanwell.

  12. Those pictures are beautiful, I love snow and the combination with the pink tulip is just lovely. I wish you all the best with your writing!

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