Monday, October 19, 2015

Sweater Weather

I am a sweater girl in the winter.

I own few blouses, for a variety of reasons, and always prefer knits - so comfy, so forgiving, so perfect for the winters here.

And this is the fall and winter of knits.

I got started on thinking about sweaters over at Wardrobe Icons, where Laura has been obsessed by what she calls 'jumper dressing' and there was nothing I wanted more this fall than something by Joseph, which of course the budget would not allow!

But never mind, there are jumper dressing options available at many price points, plus don't we all have many pullovers and cardigans in our wardrobes just waiting to be paired already?

This Joe Fresh knit dress is cozy when worn with a cardigan or jacket and at $35 on sale, a deal.

I also picked up this navy skirt from Joe Fresh for $17 and it looks wonderful with my navy cashmere T-shirt from J Crew.


I also found this long knit skirt from a local shop and I truly adore it:

It is a wool-mohair blend and looks great with my riding boots.

Of course we can always dig through our closets:

Gosh, you can see my t-shirt bunched up under there...
 And I am dying to wear a black cashmere skirt from White and Warren that I found new with tags on ebay for $30 in May!

Just add tights!

I love this cozy sweater dressing and hope it lasts a few more seasons, although I am pleased I managed to purchase some great finds for a song.

So yes, perhaps the Joseph dress (or something else by this wonderful line) is in my future, but in the meantime, it has happily inspired me to search for cheaper options today.

How about you? Are you sweater dressing?

do tell!

xoxo wendy



  1. It seems I have learned something about sweaters that likely the rest of the world already knew. If you put a loose camisole underneath the sweater it sits on it instead of on all the fat bits of the real me. I have tried this trick and find that it does work. The stretchy clingy camisoles don't work only the slippy slidey ones. Makes me more likely to wear a pullover sweater.

    1. Oh I know that loose cami trick, too, but I was freezing that day! 😋 so a regular tee it was!

  2. Wendy, is that the Joe Fresh dress you are wearing in the bathroom pic? Very nice! It's definitely sweater weather here - I do have one sweater dress, but it has a polo neck, and for the last few years I've found them very restricting. The Joe Fresh one with the round neck would do me fine with a cardie over the top.

    1. Nope - a cashmere t from jcrew and a knit skirt from rw&co. I do like the Jo fresh dress - very comfy!

  3. I love sweater dresses, and used to know, but forgot about Mary's cami trick....Although when I used to know about it, I didn't really have those fat bits. Sigh.

    1. Ha! I actually prefer skirts and tops normally, but am happy to have found some very inexpensive options that keep me warm!

  4. Wendy, Love your choices here. Isn't that the cutest wrapped sweater dress? I think your Joe Fresh one is equally as pretty though. That cashmere skirt was such a good find too! I only wish we had more sweater weather here. It just has gotten cool in the last few days and I'm loving it. Kim

  5. I love sweater dressing but it's still way too warm here yet. That White & Warren was a find!!! Bravo. I love their quality! I've just begun hunting on EBay for treasures. Have my eye on a handbag!

  6. I was so happy to get out the sweaters again, too! Took 3(2 cashmere and 1 cotton) to Europe for the 2 weeks and that was just right. We've had a frost while I was away and quote chilly here, too, so now the layers begin... nice dress!


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