Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It must be August, cause all my emails are about Fall Fashion...

It is crazy hot here, but almost every retailer is now sending out emails about the new pre-fall season!

Since I have just broken out the shorts, pre-fall seems, well, kind of much, but I am game to along.

Most of this fall's pantone colours are not my favourites.

They are muddy hues and those tend to leave pale old me looking simply ill.

But never mind, there are still some lovely things, that if money were no object (which it most definitely IS this fall with dear son off to uni and Barry and I headed to Paris for our 30th wedding anniversary), so these things will be pretty much fantasy, but still, is fun to think of cool fall whilst lounging on the chaise in the pool (with SPF 300 on!)

Love J Crew's wool Jackies in Misty Forest, one of pantone's colours, is so lovely and makes me think of pastoral landscapes and piney vistas...

I also like the Garnet Flame Tippi:

Canada's RW&Co has a lovely fall outfit that looks so pretty:

RW&CO. - Weekend Getaway

If money grew on trees, this Tory Burch suede skirt would sprout up in my back yard:

Tory Burch Suede Skirt

 As would this Theory outfit:


This Eileen Fisher outfit looks like the perfect travelling outfit, don't you think?

And this Joseph dress is to die for:

I want to tell her to cheer up old chum!

And these Joseph trousers are amazing

Right now, I am concentrating on getting my son ready or university and have started dreaming of my Paris wardrobe.

But my goodness it is fun to look at the goodies and dream...

How about you? Any one shopping for fall?

xoxo wendy


  1. It is 90F here and I have no interest in any thing but a tube top and daisy dukes....well, that and going to WalMart. I'd fit right in! We are full tilt in our renovation and everything, I mean everything is all about the home. I found a perfect stump stool for my bedroom and they wanted 26% for delivery. Ack...gotta keep looking.

    1. You are brave to renovate in that heat!

    2. I feel for you on the reno T! 26% delivery - yikes!

  2. Hi Wendy, I agree, those colours are very muddy! Sue at High Heels in the Wilderness just did a post on her fall shopping, you should have a look.

    How exciting that your son is off to uni - all the best to him. And I'm sure you would love to take any one of those outfits to Paris with you!

  3. I'm still getting blasted with "incredible" sale opportunities and reductions. Didn't anyone sell anything in the past few months?

    1. I don't think they did, if you listen to CNBC. I got a nice seashore-colored cashmere open cardigan at the practically-free-b/c-noone-bought-anything sale at JC along with tall black pixies that zip in the front that no one wanted.

    2. Yikes! I actually snagged a navy cashmere crewneck t during that sale - it was an amazing price, but the interesting thing was the tag said JC UK! Guess the UK folks are buying good old Brora!~

  4. The depressed-looking Joseph dress girl looks glum because she knows she doesn't get to keep that dress :D I haven't even noticed fall things yet. Like you, I'm soaking up the warm weather and I'm not interested in anything having to do with cold weather coming.

  5. I bought the garnet flame tippi,the color is lovely.
    Tomorrow i am going to get my Gemmas, where you asked me for sizing. I will let you know how the sizing is. I got the sparkley ones:)

    1. Oh do an Instagram shot Ina - love to see it IRL! Sparkly, sigh....

  6. I'm not giving a thought to autumn, it will come soon enough. Meanwhile the sun is shining, I'm wearing my scare the horses shorts and as little as possible and that's just how I like it!


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