Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Thin Blue Line

New Brunswick is a small place.

There are only a little more than 700,000 of us.

We don't all know each other (yet), but the degrees that separate us here are very small.  In fact, I would say that only one person ever separates  each one of us from the other.

So when we were suddenly thrust into the international limelight because someone murdered not only three of our own but three of our finest, three who were trying to protect us, it was hard on us all.

And as Moncton went into lock down, so, too, did the rest of New Brunswick.  We all have family and friends in Moncton.  Many of us knew police officers called to help find the individual, whose name I'll never speak.  It was a tense 30 hours.

And it struck close to home here, with Barry being a retired police chief and his brother Bob being an active member of the RCMP.

I'd like to share a lovely email that Bob sent to his local newspaper, thanking the people of his community, located three hours away from Moncton, for their support:

On behalf of Sgt. Ross Davis, myself and the RCMP members we supervise, I wanted to thank everyone, throughout Charlotte and York Counties, for the comments and gestures of kindness and support that have been expressed and demonstrated since the tragic events in Moncton. 
While no specific gesture will ever be considered more special than another, I do want to let the unidentified lady who laid the three white roses at the base of the St. Stephen detachment half-masted flag that those roses have been placed in a vase at the front counter of the office and will be maintained and if necessary replaced, until the three deceased RCMP members are laid to rest.

This incident should clearly demonstrate to all of us that we are all quite simply and proudly, Canadians first!! 

If you were wondering who we, the RCMP are, we are you...

Sgt. Bob MacKnight
St Stephen RCMP Detachment

Last night, there was a vigil in Moncton.  It was time to thank our first responders and begin to mourn the dead.

Last night, New Brunswickers across the province kept their porch light on in solidarity with the people of Moncton.

And we have come a little closer together.  This is New Brunswick after all, where the typical story is how bad the potholes are in the road.

This is not THAT place.

Except now it feels like that place.

And that is a hard and bitter pill to swallow.

The Thin Blue Line
There is a line the color of the sky 
on a clear afternoon There is a line 
the hue of the ocean on a bright sunny day 
There is a line the purest shade of a newborn's eyes 
awakening for the first time There is a line 
that protects us from harm in all we do 
whether day or night There is a line 
no one can penetrate no one can alleviate 
There is a line made of those who choose 
to follow a calling many do not hear and still more do not comprehend 
They choose to walk the path of fear, hate, and mistrust 
taken by so few but marked by so many 
And when one leaves this line they leave a legacy 
but the line does not break for the remaining must still protect 
There may be emptiness a loss, or sadness 
but never a hole not in this line 
This line that holds the ghosts of the souls who have gone 
and the souls of the ghosts who will be The Thin Blue Line 

Author Unknown 


  1. I thought of you when I heard about this story. So sorry :(

    1. Thanks Cate! We are really feeling horrible for the families and friends of these heroes...

  2. It must have been incredibly scary...we were glued to the CBC and when we heard that they caught that maniac we were so relieved.
    Hope that the healing will start soon...

    1. Thanks Leslie. It was certainly chilling and we are so NOT a gun culture here (except during hunting season and even then...) that it was a shock to all!

  3. What a beautiful tribute to New Brunswick and the policemen who were taken from their loved ones much too soon.

  4. Such a sad time for the RCMP. What a shock for our little province. Nice tribute Wendy.

  5. I also thought of you Wendy - a terrible thing to happen.

  6. So well said, Wendy. What a chilling and terrible time, with an aftermath that will be felt for ages. My thoughts are with you.

  7. Lovely post Wendy, I'm praying for those families and for all of you. A terrible tragedy to see those young good lives lost. Big hugs to you and Barry.

    1. thanks Dani! They are having a public visitation today and yesterday, the kids in the impacted neighbourhood had a bike rally - all go a long way to help the healing..

  8. So sorry to hear about this terrible incident. The shift in perception of what is possible is a tragic consequence. Thinking of you both ( and now Bob).

    1. Lane - you are so right - it is the shift in perception that hurts almost as much...

  9. Like Boston, I think you all are the strong, hardy, spirited sort of souls who will knit back together to oppose the unthinkable. Thank goodness for that. And that the families of the three lost and the two survivors have you all to, "keep the porch light on." (I was sitting in my car coming down the DVP Friday when the CN Tower was lit up red, gold and blue for the RCMP, it was a terribly sad site, but a beacon of hope, somehow. It shouldn't be so, but they will be remembered well.

  10. That is so sad. Praying for the families of those young men.

  11. It is amazing, isn't it, these people who willingly put themselves directly in harm's way to protect the rest of us? And how sad to lose them.

  12. Thanks for bringing this I my attention Wendy. I have been living under a rock locked in dance recital rehearsal purgatory. I haven't read the paper or watched the news in a few days so I knew nothing of this. Prayers to New Brunswick.

  13. This was in our papers, and I thought of you. So very sorry. It might have happened in your community, but it also reverberated around the world. Lovely post Wendy. I'm sure you're all feeling very reflective of their sacrifice, and thankful for the courage displayed by the RCMP. xx

    1. wow - it made the papers all the way in Australia? Amazing! Thanks for the kind thoughts!

  14. I have been thinking of you Wendy, with this news. My man is a retired cop, so I tend to get extra emotional whenever someone harms or kills (shudder) a cop. They dedicate their lives to selflessly serving others, thrusting themselves into dangerous situations. And then something like this happens. Sad.


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