Thursday, January 28, 2016

As January Ends...

I wish I could say January plodded along, but in fact, it has felt like it's flown by!

We are very busy these days and I've been loving watching movies and cooking on my downtime! 

The Feng Shui and shopping my own closet are going very well and Mercury is finally out of retrograde so things can quiet down.

While I have not visited any online shopping sites, I do get the odd email, some with pictures and I assume others are in the January blahs because in a two day period I got two emails about how I need to embrace the bright pink lip!

Apparently, the year of the nude year (there was a year? how did I miss that?) has passed and now we must all love pink.

Fortunately, I do.

Bright pink is fun.


It makes one think of robust health and is one of my favourite Valentine colours.

how to wear bright lipstick // pink lips:

My favourite hot pink lipsticks/pencils belong to Nars:

NARS Funny Face Semi Matte Lipstick - Funny Face ($27) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring beauty products, makeup, lip makeup, lipstick, beauty, lips, nars, funny face, long wear lipstick and long wearing lipstick:
Funny Face

And Yu:

NARS satin lip pencil in yu:

I wholeheartedly endorse a little pink this time of year. It, and pink champagne, cure all that ails one.

Handwriting on the Wine #design #packaging PD:

Of course, the lipstick would be in the frugal category, the pink champagne, not so much.

Since I have all of the above in the house, I think I will follow the lead of the pinterest picture below and put all my pink books together. I think it would be swell to see them all together and might tide me over until my peonies are in bloom again!

Just the idea makes me happy! 

Hmmm - it seems like those blogger emails were onto something with their pink lipsticks!

Hope you are enjoying the winter weather and thinking warm thoughts!
xoxo Wendy


  1. I'm not much of a pink person, though I'll let a little sneak in for February.

  2. I have love hate relationship with pink. Love to look at it, hate when I buy it. January has flown fact, every month seems to go by quickly. I guess it is all relative to your age. One month is now just a pittance.

  3. I can sign on to the pink champagne; as I don't wear any lipstick, ever, that will elude me. I've found a very old pink cashmere cable RL sweater in perfect shape I've been wearing on cold days, noted by MLane,even, in a positive way. Chocolate in pink wrapper for Valentines day-- yes!

    This has been the fastest January ever, I think. Weather not too bad, lots to do, so one more step towards warmer weather.

    1. I love the old stuff. So great to drag it out, especially the colour when it is so dreary outside!

  4. I've been thinking pink too, just dove into the closet and unearthed a bright pink herringbone Bella jacket!

    1. Oh I remember that one! It was gorgeous! Sure it still is!

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